Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Am The Wind

I am the wind.
You cannot see me but you can feel me
breezing gently through your hair
brushing lightly across your cheek
whistling softly 'neath your ear
I am the wind, whirling, howling, roaring
blowing fiercely 'gainst the desert sand
which sifts in the hourglass of your soul
I will not fail you, nor leave your side
till you smell fresh rain again
and soak under cascading waterfalls
I am the wind, extinguishing wild fire
which burns and scars the lifeline of your palm
I am the sweetened fragrance of each meadow
where you lay, beneath a half sun
I am the wind breathing my warmth
where your numb fingertips
gather forget-me-not petals
that fall ever so slow
with every whisper of my flutish tapping sound
I am the wind, I will carry you places, far
I'd tickle your lips with fluttering feathers
of silent doves soaring above your past
I'd strip your thoughts bare till I touch your heart
I am the wind wafting by your pillowcase
I play within your dreams
with each seductive move
Capturing each hour of a star
I linger in the deepest dark
Your night becomes my night
and our moons will never part
I am the wind.

-Charmaine Chircop

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