Saturday, July 12, 2014

Q & A: You Ask, I Answer

Originally I was just to pick my favorites, but I think I will go ahead and answer them all! 
Here we go:

Q: Besides blue and green tones, what other shades would you color your hair? What color would you never want to use on your hair? 
A: I definitely want to try purple at some point. I am not sure whether it will be a violet or a lavender, but I think it could be fun. I also love pink, red, fuchsia, pastel colors, and hell even orange. I honestly want to try almost every color at some point. I would never color my hair yellow or true green tones. I have a strange dislike for the color green and I think yellow would just look horrible.

Q: Do you feel like you take on different characters everyday and throughout your shoots? If yes, what has it taught you about yourself?
A: When it comes to the day to day, I am only me. I definitely take on different characters for my shoots though. It has always been one of my favorite things about modeling. Taking on different characters has taught me to discover different sides of myself and remember the things I love about just being me. I don't take on different characters in order to escape myself, I do it to play a role almost like an actor. Although, my challenge as a model is to tell a story in a single frame.

Q: Minus modeling, what else do you see yourself doing in the future? Travel goals? Bucket list? What's one thing you have to do or one place you have to go one day?
A: I see myself developing my blog and continuing to do photography with Scott. I just want to travel the world and take beautiful photos with him. I have so many travel goals it is almost ridiculous, and many of them are things that most people wouldn't even care about. I want to see every natural wonder of the world and cities that are older than my own country. I don't really have a bucket list as I feel you never know how long you have. I try and do things that excite me and push as if everyday was my last. I have to see so many places. I HAVE to see them. haha In some ways, I could say it is everywhere. I think there is beauty everywhere and not everyone can see it.

Q: When did you start your career in modeling?
A: I started around 17/18. 

Q: What inspired you to be a model?
A: It was honestly something I was always drawn to and felt like I was meant to do. It didn't matter how many people told me I was too short, I was going to model. I wanted to wear beautiful clothes and travel to wonderful places.

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself (hair, body, personality) for 24 hours, what would it be?
A: I would not change a thing. I am sure that may not be the answer you are looking for and may sound cliche, but it is the honest truth. It has taken me a long time to be completely and utterly happy with the way I am, even all of my faults and imperfections. I don't believe I am perfect or anyone else for that matter, and that is exactly what makes us perfect.

Q: What is my hair routine?
A: I outline most of what I do for my hair in my post "Tips and Tricks for Candy Colored Hair." (http://www.travelsizesupermodel.com/2014/07/tips-and-tricks-for-candy-colored-hair.html) However, I do also use a one inch wand to achieve my curls and very light hold hairspray so it looks more natural and not stiff. I make sure to make it a priority to keep it healthy by doing hair masks and not over using hot tools.

Q: What do you like most, really, in life?
A: Love. I like love more than anything. That can be the love between my boyfriend and I or between friends or family. Love to me conquers all. 

Q: Can you read minds?
A: If only.

Q: How do you maintain your hair color?
A: I provide full details on my blog post "Tips and Tricks for Candy Colored Hair." (http://www.travelsizesupermodel.com/2014/07/tips-and-tricks-for-candy-colored-hair.html)

Q: What places have you traveled in the world?
A: Unfortunately, not that many! Growing up less fortunate, we weren't able to afford extravagant vacations. At this point, I am making it a bigger priority to travel and just recently got my first passport. I will be heading to the Caribbean this summer and will be taking lots of photos.

Q: What is your exercise routine?
A: I normally run a mile to two miles on the treadmill, and then circuit train ab/leg/butt exercises. I try to not let me workouts because routine and mix it up to keep my body guessing. A big part of having a great body is your diet, not only will it make you look better you will also feel better.

Q: Have you watched a movie called "The Door in the Floor?" If so, what do you think of it and it's soundtrack?
A: Unfortunately, I have never seen this movie.

Q: Have you ever gotten free tacos just for being pretty?
A: No, but I would love if this were true as I have a love for tacos. 

Q: Do you have weird fetishes you would like to share?
A: No, no weird fetishes. 

Q: How tall are you?
A: I am 5'2.

Q: Do people always compliment your hair?
A: Yes, they do. Some people will stop me on the street or run up to me just to tell me how much they love it. It makes me really happy that they love it so much. I catch myself when I see other girls with candy colored hair saying the same thing, " OMG, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!" So, I get it.

Q: Do you have any regrets?
A: Absolutely not. I believe in living life with no regrets. I would never take back any of the bad things that happened to me because they made me who I am today. Without the bad, I could not have become the strong person I am today. Every point has gotten me to this point, and I am perfectly happy with where and who I am.

Q: Favorite movie?
A: I honestly can't say I have one favorite movie. I am a huge movie buff. I have many favorites, but to name a few would be...Shawshank Redemption, Fight Club, What About Bob, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gone with the Wind, so on and so forth...I like good stuff. haha


  1. How many times a day are you told that you're pretty?

    1. I am incredibly fortunate to hear that on a daily basis. If not by my followers, my boyfriend makes sure to tell me. I still truly appreciate it every time I hear it, especially on the days when I don't feel so pretty.Which yes, I have those just like everyone else. ;)

  2. What kind of workout do you do for your abs? And how many days of the week do you exercise?

    1. I try to work out 3-4 times a week. I normally run for a mile to 2 miles on the treadmill before circuit training with different ab/leg/butt exercises. Specifically, I try to do squats, leg tosses, crunches. Finding great equipment with weights to throw into your workout is great as well, which I do. I also recommend just changing small things in your life to have a more active lifestyle. For example, take the stairs instead of the escalator or walk to the bank or store (if possible). Keeping your body active, keeps your metabolism active.

  3. You say you practice fire poi. Where did you learn & do you have any tips for someone who wants to start learning?

    1. Growing up in Austin, we have a larger number of fire dancers than most places. I stumbled across a group of fire dancers and basically made them teach me. I feel in love with it the moment I first saw it. A great way to learn is to first see if you have any local groups or lessons available. If not, go online to www.homeofpoi.com where they have video lessons. Although, some of the videos are not the easiest to learn from. Purchase sock poi in order to learn without hurting yourself and always remember safety first, it is still fire you are playing with. ;)

  4. What about your diet? Your body is incredible, so you must eat very clean. How many calories a day does someone consume at your stature?

    1. Thank you!! Hmm I wish I could say I was responsible enough to actually watch my calories, but sadly, I do not. My diet consists of mostly chicken, steamed vegetables, and brown rice. It is not fun, but it gives the nutrients I need to stay healthy and get strong. I also try to eat small snack throughout the day. Lastly, I believe in taking one day off, give yourself one day to indulge but don't go crazy. :)