Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Candy Colored Hair

        So I am completely new to this whole "blogging" thing, but I figured I would give it a try. I hope to share with you fashion, art, beauty, hair, and maybe even throw in a little about me. The very first topic had to be my hair though. Just to give you a little back story, I am originally a very dark brunette.

(in my original state lol)

       I have tried almost every color like blonde, red, black, blue black, pink, blah, blah, blah. Needless to say, it was not great on my hair. It became immensely damaged. So I ended up "taking time off" on my hair for a few years. I grew out ALL of the damaged hair leaving only new, healthy virgin hair. This was a long process by the way, and it ended up taking me a few years. 
       Of course, after a while I was completely bored and tired of seeing brown. ugh. I kept seeing people with candy colored hair and thought how fun it could be. I had only tried bright red and pink before. Blue is my favorite color so I figured why the hell not. I knew that my hair would have to be bleached in order for the color to show. In no way, did I believe I could or would do the bleach myself. I had worked so long and so hard to get it healthy. Luckily, my neighbor and friend is the most amazing hair colorist. He volunteered to take on the hair transformation. 

(the day I dyed lol Chad is on the left @colorbychadkenyon)

       When I went to Chad, we ended up doing an ombre getting my hair blonde so it would pick up the color better and then placing the blue on top. I couldn't believe I had actually gone through with it. Although, it was a LOT darker than I had originally planned since my hair was not lightening very well. I figured, just rock it and see what happens. 
       Eventually, I decided to give it a try myself. I went to Sally's and picked up some Manic Panic. I love Manic Panic. It has always been good to me and I really love the way it fades. When I first dyed it myself I ended up with a very blue bathroom and super bright hair. 

(I used Rockabilly Blue from Manic Panic)

     Now, there are a few things I need to tell you about this color. First, it is absolutely beautiful. It is, however, very dark at first and bleeds very badly. I have blue towels, blue pillowcases, and blue clothes all because of this color. You can never wear white haha. Make sure to buy gloves and a tint brush when you go to dye your hair. Eventually, I also tried Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise. 

(as you can see my hair has more of a greenish tint)

      Now that I have dyed is so many times and different colors each time, when my hair fades I get hints both colors. It does fade quickly. I get maybe 4-6 weeks and then I must re-dye. It will really depend on how bright you want your color to be on how often you will have to dye your hair. 

Here are some tips that I have found that help me maintain the color:

  • never wash your hair with warm water, always cold...the colder the better
  • use sulfate and paraben free shampoo
  • avoid hot tools...if you must curl your hair, curl it right after you wash it so you can keep it for a few days
  • adjust to life with dirty hair...dry shampoo is your best friend and go for as long as you can in between washes 
  • put vinegar in your hair right after you dye it in order for the color to hold better
  • when you wash your hair, only wash the roots and let the color run down the rest your hair...don't over lather! 

      When it comes to getting your hair healthy again, I have some more tips! In between dye jobs, I like to coat my hair in aragon oil and let it sit for a few hours. You can also use coconut oil. There are tons of hair masks you can on Pinterest as well. My hair is now back to completely healthy. It is super smooth and soft. I am ready to bleach again and get a brighter color!


  1. When you apply the vinegar, do you spray it all over? How long do you leave it on? Does your hair stink?

    1. I personally put it on the roots and let it fall down the rest of the hair. I put it in right after I have washed out the dye (and conditioned the hair). Surprisingly, it does not make your hair smell. You wash it out once pretty much right after you put it in. You pretty much toss it on and rinse it out. Hope this helps! :)

  2. So you use Manic Panic BUT don't bleach your hair before dying it? I'd love to dye my hair blue but I don't wanna bleach it since last time I did I completely destroyed my hair!

    1. Actually, I did bleach my hair. As I stated above, I had a hairdresser friend of mine bleach it as I did not feel comfortable doing it myself. Manic Panic colors will only tint dark hair. In order for the color to show up, you must have bleached hair. Make sure to do coconut oil or aragon oil treatments on your hair to help heal it and make it strong. Bleach is dangerous so I always recommend having a professional at least bleach your hair, then you can add the Manic Panic yourself.

  3. Does your dyed hair color rub on your clothes?

    1. I use Rockabilly Blue. YES. It stains your clothing. Badly. :-(