Monday, August 11, 2014

Discover the World: Belize

I have never had so much fun hiking, despite the fact that it was boiling heat with 80% humidity. It has long been a dream of mine to see the Mayan ruins. When we arrived in Belize we were escorted to a bus where we traveled 2 hours completely across the county to what remains of the cities. We roamed the ground while being serenaded with history. Stair by stair, we climbed our way to the top of the palace where you could see Guatemala. It was easy considering by this point we were only half a mile away. I sat on the edge of the top where the king of Mayans may have once stood and wondered how you could not feel like royalty seeing high above the jungle with your city below you. The temple we climbed is the second tallest structure in all of Belize. Once we finally made it back down, we ventured over to the well know ball courts. While everyone knows these games due to the sacrifice that came after, I did learn that they did not just decapitate the loser. They in fact would do what I refer to as the "Indiana Jones." The cut into their ribs and pulled out their heart. And to think, this was a game that they played. After discovering that disturbing fact, I quickly moved onto the next area. It seemed as if it was building after building with tall stairs and magical views. As you can imagine, we worked up quick an appetite hiking up all of these stairs. We made our way to a local restaurant where not only did I try the local cuisine, but the also the local beer. The food was absolutely amazing and I could honestly eat it forever. They cook everything with coconut which definitely makes my sweet tooth happy. The beer was also delicious in taste and helped to cool me off since it was so cold it had ice hanging off on the top. After the meal, it was back to the bus. I feel as if I got to see so much of the country from the city to the jungles. I could definitely see myself making my way back some day.

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