Friday, August 22, 2014

Discover the World: Honduras

Take a ride on the wild side as I explore Honduras.

      As soon as our ship docked in Honduras, we were immediately greeted by an incredible shipwreck. We sipped our morning coffee while staring at the two iron giants and the lush jungle on the shore. After a short bus ride, we took a ferry over to our island getaway. This beautiful oasis was called Little French Key Island. There was a restaurant and a few bars, hammocks, snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaks, a zoo and more. I genuinely never wanted to leave. It was paradise. I absolutely love horses so I took a little filly out for a spin. We walked around the island checking out fish and surprising snorkelers as we swam by. Eventually, we worked up an appetite and wanted to try the local food and once again, local beer. Both were absolutely delicious! The people were so friendly and would tell us about how they wish to visit the US. A sharp contrast to the warm people, were the armed guards stationed at every store we passed by. A reminder of the poverty on the mainland. Despite this, I felt very safe and very welcomed by everyone we encountered. Without a doubt, I wish to return to Honduras one day to explore some more!

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  1. Great Article thank you for your positive post about my country. Viva La H!!!