Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Discover the World: Mexico

Come with me as I take a tour of Mexico!

My favorite thing about Mexico, tequila!!! I love tequila, and in Mexico it is abundant. Whether you were walking into a jewelry store or a gift shop, they had tequila. And the best part, they give it out for free! We roamed around Cozumel taking shots of tequila and shopping to our little hearts content. I bought jewelry, tequila (of course), dresses, flower crowns, and more. I have never felt more like a tourist. I loved the bright colors, busy streets, and clear water. I wasn't sure what we were going to do once we arrived in Cozumel, so I decided to dress for anything. I was so happy to receive this amazing one piece swimsuit from Pretty Attitude that I felt I could use as a top with a skirt. That way if we went shopping I was good and if we wanted to go to the beach to go swimming, I was prepared. The strappy detail makes this piece so elegant, and brings a new flare to one piece swimsuits. 

Swimsuit by Pretty Attitude
Skirt by Forever21
Backpack by Lookbookstore

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