Sunday, August 31, 2014

Product Review: 3D Fiber Mascara

See what happens when I give 3D Fiber mascara a try.

     Before I left on my trip, I was sent 3D fiber mascara from Younique. I threw it in my bag with the intent to test it out for the week I was gone. I have never used a mascara like this before, but have heard wonderful things about it. 
      My go to mascara is Voluminous by L'Oreal. I have always loved it and it works great. You don't get super long lashes, but they don't clump. I also use They're Real by Benefit, and sometimes I use both of these mascaras at once which yields the best results. Super long lashes with no clumps!
So, let's get down to this review! I have to be honest that the first time I used this mascara it was a total disaster. It left a ton of black flakes under my eyes, and as the day went on more continued to fall. However, after that first use I never had this problem again. 
      When you use this mascara, you first apply one coat of your regular mascara (mine being Voluminous). Then, you take the transplanting gel and apply a coat followed by a coat of the natural fibers. In the picture below, the first image shows a single coat of Voluminous. The second image shows my the left eye with an added single coat of the Younique mascara while leaving the right with just the Voluminous. The third image show the left eye with an added second coat. And the final bottom image, shows two coats of the Younique on both eyes. You can see a big difference from the beginning lashes to the end! 
(sorry for the grainy pic these were taken with my iPhone)

       To break it down to the pros and cons:

PROS -- super long lashes, deep black color, comes in a handy carrying case, waterproof
CONS -- very clumpy, flakes off, expensive

       I believe when it comes to this mascara, it is a personal preference. My pet peeve with mascara is clumpy lashes. I absolutely hate it. This is my main issue with this mascara. To fix the clumps, I did end up using a clean mascara brush to work out the clumps after I had finished applying all the coats I wanted. It also concerns me when it comes to cost. Not only to I have to pay the $29 dollars for it, but I will need to have my regular (probably $10) mascara on hand as a base coat which really brings your cost to $39. All of that aside, I do really believe this is a great product. I believe it is amazing for people who have super short lashes or maybe wear false lashes all the time and are ready to just use a regular mascara. 
        I know I may come off as harsh to this product, but I just want to be honest to my readers. In the end, I believe the pros outweigh the cons. And hopefully, with time they can work out some of the kinks like the clumps. I am still using this product and encourage you to try it too. 

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