Sunday, September 28, 2014

Be So Bold

Be so bold to be yourself.

Some days, I just love to be super casual. Oh to get to wear something comfortable for a change. ;) I teamed up with True Religion to get my "comf"on. I grabbed my faithful leather jacket and "my other ride is a unicorn" tee, and was good to go. When I joined the BeSoBold campaign, I sat and thought what it meant to me exactly. As I pondered, I realized the answer was as simple as my outfit. Be so bold as to be yourself. Wear what makes you happy. I have always believed it is better to stand out in a crowd than to blend in. Fashion is fashion, but style is a personal choice.

Jeans by True Religion 
Shirt by MXCI
Jacket by H&M
Shoes & Beanie by Forever21
Jewelry by Dollface London

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