Thursday, September 11, 2014

Q & A: Round 3

Q: Why are you so dang pretty?
A: Aww thnks!! I dunno, guess I got lucky. ;)

Q: Do you have an accent?
A: Actually, I don't. You would think being from Texas, I would have a thick southern accent. The only time you can hear a little twang is when I am drunk...especially on tequila. haha

Q: How long have you been modeling?
A: I have been modeling for 10 years.

Q: When did you first start modeling? How were you discovered?
A: I first started modeling in high school. I wouldn't say I was discovered. Actually, when I first started modeling no one wanted to shoot me. They told me they either didn't like my look or that I was too short. I fought for years to be noticed. It took me a while to build up a solid portfolio in order to work in larger markets.

Q: Where has been your favorite shoot location?
A: I have to say my favorite has been a recent shoot. I absolutely loved shooting in Honduras on a horse in the water. It was magical and I didn't want to come back.

Q: If you never got into modeling, what would you be doing instead?
A: I was going to college studying mass communications in order to go into public relations. Chances are, I would probably be doing that. I would have some 9 to 5 and would probably do well, but wouldn't be as happy as I am now.

Q: What was your first photo shoot like?
A: It was horrible!! It was so awkward and I had no idea how to pose. I wasn't comfortable and the photographer was terrible. I ran out of there as fast as possible and never used any of the photos. LOL

Q: What is your opinion on ISIS?
A: There are not many questions you can ask and I won't answer. However, on my blog there are two things I won't talk about and that is religion or politics.

Q: What are the odds of you following me on insta?
A: One in a million. So I'm saying there's a chance. ;)

Q: What is your current favorite beauty product and/or secret?
A: My biggest beauty secret right now is actually a super cheap product. It is Freeman facial polishing mask in charcoal and black sugar. My skin is super soft and it completely got rid of my blemishes. The best part is it only costs $3.99.

Q: As you know, you are currently one of my favorite models, what motivated you to get into that world? Knowing it can be dark drug wise and all, were you scared?
A: I had blind ambition. I wanted to model and no one was going to stop me. I just knew that is what I wanted to do. I definitely wasn't scared. I think I was more concerned with the constant rejection. With most careers, people can improve their skills or their trade. When it comes to modeling, you can't change your face. You look the way you look and people either love it or hate it. Over time it can become that voice in your head that makes you hate things about yourself that you never noticed before.

Q: What is your favorite dessert?
A: Chocolate cake hands down.

Q: What is your workout and eating plan?
A: I typically eat a lot of chicken. Chicken is protein and helps to build muscles. I also eat continuously throughout the day to keep my metabolism working, typically just small snacks. My favorite healthy meal is brown rice, steamed vegetables, and grilled chicken. I usually work out 2-4 times a week. I run on the treadmill for a mile or mile and a half. I like to run backward and forward. I also circuit train my abs by using 3-4 different exercises.

Q: May I draw a portrait of you?
A: Yes, just tag me so I can see it!!

Q: You're my idol! I'm wondering how you got into modeling?
A: Thank you! I got into modeling by testing with local photographers. I then took the book I had built up and moved to a larger market. For example, you can be in New York, LA, Dallas, or Miami. You must be in a larger market to truly make a living at it.

Q: What is your flaw? And what do you love about about yourself? Could be appearance or just about you.
A: When it comes to flaws, first and foremost I am stubborn. I am Irish and German with Scorpio on top of it, I was born to be stubborn. I wish I wasn't but just can't help it. When it comes to physical things, I have a horrible deep scar on my left knee that I hate. When I used to go to castings, I had to try and hide it as most photographers didn't want to take the time to edit it out. On the other hand, I love my determination. I won't let anyone or anything stand in my way of something I want. I also have so much love in my heart. I wish I could just share it with everyone. Appearance wise, I love my eyes the most. They change colors from brown to green to blue.

Q: Do you like video games? Sleeping? Cheese? Dogs?
A: I love video games. I spend way too many hours playing video games. haha I like sleeping, I am just not very good at it. I have always been an insomniac. Cheese is delicious if you have the right kind. Especially if you pair it with an amazing wine! Dogs are adorable. I want a little dog one day, but it may be a while for that.

Q: What kind of hair products do you use?
A: Surprisingly, I don't use that many hair products. I typically use cheap hairspray in a level 3, I hate that "frozen" hair look. haha I discovered an amazing texturizing spray that I talk about in my last blog post under "Green Goodness." I use a lot of aragon oil and coconut oil to keep my hair healthy. I also use aragon oil shampoo and conditioner, which is amazing. I highly recommend anyone to use paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. It helps to keep candy color hair very well. If you have regular colored hair, it is great too as it doesn't dry out your hair like drugstore brands.

Q: What kind of music do you like? What was high school like for you?
A: I love electronic music the most! I also enjoy classic rock, rap, really anything really. :) High school was....interesting. I went to a very small school and had a lot of friends and no friends at the same time. I had a small group of really amazing friends that got me through those years. I was a weird kid though. I was super nerdy and got great grades, but I also dyed my hair black and wore two different colored contacts. In all honesty, I hated high school and couldn't wait to be out.

Q: How tall are you? Will you marry me?
A: I am 5'2. While I am flattered, I am already engaged to the love of my life.

Q: Do you think it is possible for an average girl like me to become as successful as you?
A: First of all, I think anything is possible. It just depends on how bad you want it. However, it will be hard. It was incredibly hard for me to become successful as a short model. Many successful models aren't classically pretty. In the modeling industry, they believe a little strangeness is needed to be beautiful.

Q: How did you become as beautiful as you are? Who is your role model?
A: Thank you! I guess I got very lucky. I definitely had a lot of rough years, so every duckling can one day become a swan. My role model is my mom, Coco Rocha, Cara Delevingne, Angelina Jolie...to name a few.

Q: Would you say it would be possible for a size 8 girl as short as you to make it in modeling?
A: I think anything is possible. It just depends on how bad you want it. Everyone told me I would never make it in modeling, and it definitely wasn't easy. I had to twice as hard as everyone else. You have to be prepared for a hard battle and some days will beat you down. You just have to be willing to get back up and keep trying. I think now more than ever with the plus size moment, you should definitely work what ya got and own it. I am not calling you plus size by the way, just in modeling anything over a size 6 is plus size. :) Modeling with short models really comes down to body proportions.

Q: How do you stay fit?
A: I like to work out and eat healthy. I do have days when I eat junk. I also eat continuously throughout the day which I find helps to keep my metabolism working. A very small change that makes a big difference is simply choosing an active life. By that I mean choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator or parking at the end of the lot to walk into the store. This small changes are pushing you to work out in simply ways.

Q: Do you have some advice for the posture?
A: Do you mean posture or poses? If you mean posture, I always tell models to imagine a thread that comes out of your head. You pull that thread and straighten up your body. Just imagine it making your body fall into line with your shoulders back, head up, and so on. As for poses, it seems strange but practice in a mirror. Don't over do it though, you don't want to rely on it in order to pose. You simply want to get a visual to see if it looks good. Also, watch tons of behind the scenes of the best models out there. You can learn so much this way! Last but not least, always keep moving. You don't want to ever get stuck in the same poses over and over, or simply not moving.

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  1. I love all your pictures ! i saw all of them last night until 3 am ( cause i suffer from insomnia too) and your mylittlepony hair omg !!!...Super fan ! i may say i have a girl crush -and i freaking love men- lol ! :)
    I used to spend lots of time in deviantart.com and i saw your pictures, cause your tattoo is so original and it got stuck in my head. Then i found u in instagram and bang ! here i am ! lol
    Anyways, just wanted to say hi from Mexico ! im a photographer, my name is Marysol (it means sea and sun) but my artistically name -and how my fan calls me is Sol-
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