Monday, September 15, 2014

Secrets to Healthy Hair

         As you know, I mess with my hair a lot. From changing colors to using hot tools, I abuse my hair. However, despite all of this I still have healthy hair. I won't say it is 100% perfect because that would be a lie. It is soft and long and even shiny. Here are some secrets to getting healthy hair.

         As always, I have some tips and tricks to maintaining healthy hair. Now the first one is something every person uses, but probably are not using the right product. I am talking about your shampoo and conditioner. This simple change makes a world of difference. There are sooooo many chemicals in your shampoo that tend to dry out your hair. You may be so used to the way it feels using these basic grocery store products, that you don't even know how different your hair could feel without these chemicals in your life.

(This is the shampoo (and conditioner) that I use and it is amazing)

          Now, when you are searching for a new shampoo and conditioner you need to make sure it says paraben and sulfate free. Simply put, these are some of the chemicals that f*ck up your hair. You end up with dry hair no matter how many times you condition. Also, make sure to buy shampoo and conditioner from the brand. They tend to be made up of the same chemicals as opposed to mixing and matching. 

(I also recommend this if your hair is over processed or dry…it works miracles…hehe)

           Now to move on to hair care! I have said it many times and I will say it again, coconut oil is your best friend. I honestly do them at least 2 times a week, sometimes 4. If you leave it on for a few hours it will help a little. Unfortunately, if you really want a change…leave that sucker on overnight. Put on a processing cap and act like it is comfortable. You can buy it at Target or Walmart. You want to pick up virgin unrefined coconut oil. Also, sometimes you have to reapply on your ends as they will soak up the coconut oil very fast. Coconut oil rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft, which is due to its low molecular weight. An added bonus, if you have split ends message your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil for a few minutes. This will help in minimizing the split end and joining them back together.
         You can also make DIY hair masks from simple kitchen ingredients. Here are some of the things you can use to create masks: eggs, honey, olive oil, banana, avocado, yogurt and more. Just hop on over to pinterest and type in DIY hair masks to start your healing process. 
         There are also just simple everyday things that you can do to keep your hair healthy. Don't wash your hair everyday. Your hair actually needs the natural oils it produces in order to be healthy. I honestly only wash my hair once a week. You will have to judge your own hair to see how long you can go between washes. I use dry shampoo to keep my hair clean in between washes. When you do shampoo, you should only wash your scalp. The lather will wash down anyway and your roots tend to be dry already. Also, don't put conditioner directly on your scalp as that is what causes the greasy look. Always condition your hair if you shampoo it. Always. 
         Another thing I can strongly suggest is stay away from hot tools. For example, your dryer, curling iron, flat iron…anything hot. If you do use hot tools, use a heat protector on your hair. Simply spray some on before you start curling or straightening your hair. 
         My last few things are just a couple of guidelines to follow. You should protect your hair when swimming, don't comb wet hair, avoid teasing your hair, use cold water to wash your hair if possible, and use a clarifying shampoo once a month.
          I hope all of these tips help you and you achieve beautiful healthy hair! As always, if you have any questions leave them in the comment section below. :) 


  1. So, I have a little problem with my hair..err, it keeps falling. I don't use hot tools, nor do I wash it everyday. But it has gotten really thin, and I've been extremely insecure about it. Since you've been recommending coconut and aragon oil for a healthy hair I was wondering, do they help prevent hair fall? Or maybe thicken the hair? Btw, you are amazing appearance and personality wise, I love you! ��

  2. You may be so used to the way it feels using these basic grocery store products, that you don't even know how different your hair could feel without these chemicals in your life. balding

  3. I have a question (sorry for my english, I am from Germany)
    I saw your picture on instagram on which you have rose hair. What color and product do you use for your beautiful haircolor? :)

  4. It think it will because of her natural hair she will be able to do that. It is kind of DIY for your hair treatment like Provillus for Women treatment which is now a days top product in the market for hair fall. She would use that/

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