Sunday, October 5, 2014

Indian Summer

Breaking all the rules in this endless heat.

It is that time of year when women start to fiend for their scarves, jackets, and boots. However, if you live in Cali, you know this summer has decided to stay for a bit. Even here in northern Cali, it is still almost 100 degrees! I love fall. I am eager for scarves and what not, but also for hot chocolate by a fire.  Since summer has decided to break the rules and stay, I decided to where white after labor day. After all, rules are made to be broken. This dress is so comfortable and I am always a sucker for lace. I paired it with my new bag to pull on my new bohemian ways, and hit the streets. I know one day soon, the heat will leave and I will be begging it to come back, but I guess that is just the cycle of things. I am just going to enjoy these extra days of summer, and prepare for the upcoming fall!

Dress by Lookbookstore
Shoes by Forever21


  1. You will look great as a actor in Lord of the rings :D (of course as elf) :)

  2. I really love this look! you look adorable and your blonde hair is fabulous too :D i would've loved to see this hairstyle from the back, is it just pinned to the sides or a "pony tail" in the back? :)