Sunday, November 2, 2014

Living in Lace

You can never go wrong with a beautiful lace dress.

So while I normally give you some mumbo jumbo on how amazing the outfit is (which it is), I believe it is time for a life update. Life has been amazing lately. I am so much happier in Sacramento than LA. I feel like I get to stop and smell the roses up here, rather than being trapped in a rat race. We have moved in our new house which I refer to as "the dollhouse." I don't think I could love it anymore. I mean what girl wouldn't be happy living in a real life dollhouse? On another note, I will be visiting my true home of Texas in a little over a week. I will never love a city the way I love Austin. And I will almost be there for my birthday that I have coming up on the 20th. So, boom, life update. To sum it up, life is great and I am grateful for it. 

Dress by Style Moi
Shoes by Tuk Footwear

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