Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Has Arrived

 So thankful it is finally time for jackets! Time to bring out my favorites.

I am finally back in Austin, my home. And it feels great! So forgive the lack of updates to come, because this girl is officially on vacation. Apparently winter decided to show up the same day as my arrival. It is cold! However, I am strangely grateful as I never felt like I got a winter living in LA. It was just always sunny and warm. I have all of these amazing and sadly unused jackets dying to break free from my closet. Well winter, game on. Speaking of jackets, this beauty stole my heart and keep me super warm. When I saw it online, I knew I had to have it. It literally screamed my name. All I heard was "buy me." I am so eager to get out shopping and see what else screams my name. So forgive me, but I have some shopping to do. ;)
Jacket by Lookbookstore


  1. I use to watch your pics everyday and you are so nicely productive, mesmerising and with such interesting thoughts that you are part of our happiness on the web... Very very GOOD job !!... Thank you Sow much LC++ ;o))

  2. Happy Birthday beybey !!...
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