Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snow Day!

 The best part of winter is fluffy jackets and playing in the snow.

I can't even tell you how much I have enjoying living in northern cali now. LA was fun and all, but I was definitely over it. As I have expressed many times, one of the perks of living up north now is I actually get to experience seasons other than summer. I love to layer. I love jackets, scarves, boots, etc. This faux fur beauty caught my eye immediately, and I obviously still have a love affair with blue. Scott and I were going for a road trip so I wanted to be in something comfy but still my typical style. I paired with my amazing new boots from Tuk Footwear to give it that edge that I like to have in all of my outfits. Being that I am originally from Texas, I am still super excited to see snow (as long as I don't actually have to live in it). We ended up playing in the snow for a few hours and ran back to the car to put the heater on our frozen toes as we ended up knee high in a few spots. haha ;)

Jacket by Home Cooked Karma
Jeans by Forever 21
Shoes by Tuk Footwear


  1. How did you get so good at makeup it always looks so perfect!!!

    1. aww thank you! honestly, just practice, practice, practice ;)