Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Dark Side of the Moon

 I travel to a far off land with minimalistic style, come with me.

Even though I obviously love black, I seem to be drawn to all white outfits. I love the clean, minimalistic appeal to them. I feel like I already have enough color in my hair, so I tend to where lots of black or white. Once I found this incredible dress, I knew exactly what shoes I wanted with it. I have been eyeing these babies for quite some time, and the outfit to match finally came together. Toss in a pastel backpack that perfectly matches my hair and some pink flowers for the hell of it, and I was set. We hopped in our rocket (aka Nissan Juke) and set out for a backdrop that was otherworldly. I felt as if we had landed on the moon….and yes, I was freezing. ;)

Headband, Dress & Shoes by Love Clothing
Backpack by Grafea


  1. omg, love this outfit! it really does look like ur on a different planet! where is this? :) x


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