Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Witching Hour

 Come into the woods with me!

I can't even tell ya how much I love this set from PYLO! I feel like a sexy witch. haha One of our favorite things about photography is all of the amazing places you get to capture. We often love to hit the road, sometimes with a destination in mind and sometimes not, to discover somewhere beautiful together. We like to support national parks by buying the annual pass. Our new years resolution is to visit all of them in 2015 (or as many as we can haha). Just a little motivation to get out there and see the natural beauty around you. There must have been a pretty magical reason why our forefathers set aside this beautiful land, and I want to discover what it is. 

P.S.-While we were out shooting Bambi decided she wanted to be part of the photoshoot. haha

Top by PYLO
Skirt by PYLO
Necklace by Vintage Soul Supply
Shoes by Forever21

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  1. This is definitely my favourite look, everything you're wearing is so beautiful, I really love lace and witchy looks :D and of course your hair looks amazing!