Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Mirage

I get lost in the desert, but at least I look cute. ;)

I have always been such a fan of the desert. It is so weird and desolate. This extreme environment that challenges life to survive its temperatures. So, of course, it only felt right to shoot something boho there. More like a little bit of witch meets a little bit of boho. I also assume that anytime a boho theme is involved that you need to have some fringe. I absolutely love this bag. You will probably see me rocking this a few times. I hope too that you can discover the wonder of this barren terrain. Just make sure to bring lots of water and food because you never know what can happen. ;)

Dress & Necklace by
Purse by

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  1. Hi ,just wanna ask. What brand is your dress,bag,and necklace? Thanks! ��