Friday, May 15, 2015

Country Time

 Chillin on Texas time.

I will always be a Texas girl. It is in my blood. Something about the rolling hills and dirt roads. Home just never seems to leave you, and for a person who moves around a lot that is very comforting. I never want to forget my roots and I plan on perfecting my boho style more and more. I haven't seen Texas this green in ages. The grass was bright and the flowers were brighter. I will say though, the one thing I don't miss is the humidity. You might as well never curl your hair or try and wear makeup. Humidity is a bitch. I won't lie, this sheer dress came in handy while I was on my trip. Comfort and elegance rarely go hand in hand. So brace yourself if you make your way to my home, come prepared to sweat and have a great time. You will hear music and drink beer and eat some damn good BBQ. ;)

Dress by Style Moi
Shoes by Amiclubwear
Bag by Lookbookstore

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