Monday, June 1, 2015

Forest Nymph

 At one with nature and perfectly content.

I just love being out in nature, and with spring time ending I want to enjoy all the flowers as much as possible. There are so many beautiful places right in your backyard that you don't even know about. I am lucky to have Yosemite right in mine. but what a lot of people don't know is that there was another valley near by that had a similar vast beauty. Unfortunately, in the 1930s the valley was flooded to create a reservoir. I often wonder what it used to look like and why we would destroy something so beautiful. Water and money took control of that decision. These pictures were taken on the drive in to that valley and what little beauty remains of it. Burned out trees and billions of gallons of water now consume it. I am sure all my nature talk bores some people, but we as a species have to realize all the things we alter in the world. Our achievements and greatest downfalls. 

Dress by PYLO