Friday, June 26, 2015


 Today is an amazing day…and my outfit is kinda cute too ;)

So, while I should be talking about how cute this romper is and the shoes are to amazing, I have to take a moment to appreciate what has happened today. After a long struggle, same sex marriage is legal…in all states. For me, I can love a man just as much as I can love a woman. I have always identified as bisexual. I couldn't believe in such a progressive country that we weren't recognizing that love is love no matter who it is between. Marriage in this country is also not just about love. There are a lot of benefits such as medical, taxes, housing, estate planning, etc. These benefits can be the difference between being able to see your spouse in the hospital, receiving social security benefits, being able to get on your spouses health care plan, or being able to inherit your spouses estate if they were to pass. We must acknowledge that no only do these people deserve to love each other through marriage, they also deserve the benefits that come with it. Well, I know that I all be out celebrating today because civil rigths prevailed today. :)

Romper by Style Moi
Shoes by Chinese Laundry

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