Friday, June 19, 2015

The Ins and Outs of Candy Colored Hair

This is my Candy Color Bible. Just a bunch of stuff you might want to know. I will probably always be adding to this list, but for now these are all of the things I have learned over my experience of having candy colored hair.

1. Know going into this, it will require a ton of maintenance. Pastels require way more maintenance.

2. If you are making a pastel and including conditioner it must be silicone free. Also, make it two shades darker than you want when mixing because it always comes out lighter than expected.

3. Wash your hair as little as possible, and when you do it should be cold water. I know, it sucks. Hot water will pull out all the dye and your color will last a few days.

4. If you plan on doing a bunch of different colors, start with a pink or purple. These colors as they fade will tone your hair. You will be able to do less damage to it by not needing to bleach it.

5. In my opinion, Manic Panic is the best because it fades. Again, this applies to people wanting to change colors. The longer the color stays, the harder to get out.

6. You can also change colors by following the color wheel. You won't have to bleach, but you damn sure better know your color wheel so you don't end up with a yucky brown.

7. All of your shampoo and conditioner should be sulfate and paraben free. Normal shampoo just strips the color right out and all of your hard work will be for nothing.

8. Only use old towels and protect you pillows after you have recently dyed your hair. Some colors will bleed and you better hope you don't have white sheets because they will turn whatever color your hair is at the time.

9. Pastels last about 1-2 weeks. Regular color lasts 4-8 weeks. When you color it full it will always fade to pastel, just depends on if you are set on only having pastel hair.

10. What color should you do? Go to a wig store and try on different colors  to find out which compliments your skin the best.

11. Hot tools like curling irons or straighteners can strip the color. I like to curl my hair and leave it for a few days. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

12. Be prepared for people staring at you and the pure positivity that your hair will pull out of people. You may hear, "I love your hair!!!!!!" from far distances. ;)

13. Also, you need to prepared for the people who hate it. For some reason, these color pull a lot out of people whether they love it or hate it. You have to always remember that you colored it for you and no one else. It is your hair, do what you want.

14. Make sure to Dexterize your bathroom because it can get messy. You don't want your bathroom to be covered in hair dye stains. Easiest thing to do is cut up trash bags to cover areas that are likely to get stained.

15. Know that it may not come out as expected. You can get patchy areas or just plain get the wrong color. It is part of the process. Don't get frustrated. Just do all the things you are not supposed to do and get that color out faster.

16. Paul Mitchell shampoo 2 always gets out a ton of the color. It may not get all of it out. If you get it to a faint tint you can probably tone it out. Try to bleach as little as possible.

17. Hair masks are your best friend. Before you recolor, spend time deep conditioning your hair. You don't want to end up with dry damaged hair.

18. You can use a brush or your hands to color your hair, but always wear gloves. Stained hands and nails are annoying. They also can take a bit to come off.

19. Wash your hair with shampoo before you color, but don't condition it. Your hair should be dry or slightly damp. I prefer dry to I can see that the color has fully soaked into the hair.

20. Always let a pro mess with the bleach. It is sooooo easy to mess up and possibly end up bald. They are pros for a reason. It is easy to do the color, but bleach is a bitch. And trust me, color correction is a hell of a lot more expensive.

21. I believe it is better to mix colors than to use one color all over. Remember that hair has multiple dimensions to it and your candy color will look better if it does too.

22. When it comes to Manic Panic, if you have long thick hair you will need at least two or possibly four to cover all of your hair. If you have short hair, you are lucky and only need one.

23. Try to color your extensions the same day you color your hair. Mix the bowls at the same time to get the same color unless it is an even combination of color. Lay down some foil, paint on with a brush, flip over and paint again. Then take the pieces and place in foil and close it all up. Leave it in there for the exact same time that you left it on your own hair. It sucks when the color doesn't match and you can't use your extensions.

24. This should be obvious, but always use old clothes when dying your hair. I prefer to use old jeans, long sleeve shirt, and crappy socks. The jeans protect your legs, the long sleeves protect your arms, and socks protect your feet from stray dye.

25. Makeup remover wipes seem to get the color off your skin quite easily. Also, dish washing soap can help to get it off your skin for stubborn pieces.

26. Before you start to dye your hair, put vasoline all around your hair line. The color won't penetrate the skin and will come off super easy.

27. If you are going pastel, your hair must be platinum. ALL candy colors require bleached hair to show up right.

28. Avoid wearing white right after you dye your hair, if the color bleeds you clothes are toast. Black is the safest way to go in the beginning.

29. The bleaching process can be slowwwwww. If you have super dark hair or recently have dyed it black, you may be in for some time in the chair. You will have awkward stages of your hair. You should have seen some of the in-between hair colors I have rocked. It was awful and buns or ponytails were my best friend. Never push your hair further than it can go. Once your hair is stringy and destroyed it is very difficult to recover. Chances are you are getting a trim. So don't be afraid to rock the brassy hair for a month to rest your hair and try again.

30. When coloring your hair, especially in the beginning, have someone help you. It is hard to get the back and having another set of eyes is extremely helpful. Even though you can't see the back, everyone else can and it shouldn't be a different shade. Also, apply the color in sections. You want to make sure every strand is soaked.

31. You don't need to leave your color on longer than an hour. The dye actually stops working after that much time. People will say it works and last longer, but the truth is you are getting the same amount. No need to wait eight hours to end up with the same color hair that you could get in an hour.

32. After you have dyed your hair and it is time to rinse it out, use cold water to rinse until the water is clear or slightly tinted. I leave mine slightly tinted because after I put on conditioner I obviously will have to rinse which will get out the remaining extra color.

33. Yes, roots can get annoying and they show back up so quickly. I always recommend again having a salon do you bleach. Try to wait until your color is as faint as possible so you will get a solid all over color when you dye your hair again. Try just rocking the root too. It can make a beautiful fade into your color.

34. If you want dimension but only want to use one color, add lowlights or highlights to your blonde to recreate the natural effect.

35. Enjoy the fade! Everyone seems to want to keep their hair vibrant all the time, but if you let it fade and enjoy the ride you can find amazing colors that you never knew your hair would change to.

36. Always remember the base color of what ever dye you are using. For example, ultra violet is a blue based purple. As it fades it will go from violet to blueish to green. Since the base is blue it can go green because it is mixing with the yellow tones of your blonde hair.

37. Your hair will always look different in natural light. Make sure to check it out in the daylight to know if you love it or hate it. There have been so many times I have seen my hair in my bathroom and hated it. Then I walk outside and it is the love of my life.

38. If you don't want to always be buying new clothes, try to stick with colors that will work with what you have in your wardrobe.

39. Hair colors always look better after the first shampoo. I am not talking about when you colored it and washed it out. The first actual time you shampoo after dying your hair it will look much better.

40. This is a weird one, but when you wash your hair do it upside down. I do this to allow the dye to flow down my hair and deposit color as it washes out. I only put shampoo on my scalp and the rest will wash down the hair to clean it. You by no means need to do this, but it has worked better for me than when it was upright. I also get to avoid covering my whole body in cold water which is horrible in the winter.

41. If you curl your hair and want to stay but not get all dry, use a softer hair spray. On a scale of 1-5, I generally use a 3. This holds my hair but won't make me need to wash it. It basically brushes out and allows me to use more if I need to for the next day.

42. Buy supplies in bulk like gloves and shower caps. If you plan to stay candy colored, you will be dying your hair often so you can save a little bit by not buying them individually.

43. While ombres are fun, remember it creates two different tones on your hair. So if you are interested in changing colors, it will be more difficult. I have never managed to get my hair back to all over even blonde because of it.

44. to be continued….

Ok, I think all of these are a good start for now. I will definitely keep adding to this so don't forget to check back every so often. :)



  1. All of them so true. I even laughed at the part where you say expect people who love it or hate it, soooooooo true!!!, Whenever I have a candy hair color, total strangers randomly tell me they love my hair, it actually happened yesterday at the supermarket. And also I my hair gets hate from old schooled people... Also, expect everyone staring at you wherever you go. At first, it's so annoying!!!, then you get used to it.

  2. Hi there! I was searching for hair color tips and I got into this blog of your :) I totally agree on your post. I agree with Ish XD about the part of being love or hate hahaha

    @Ish - we will always hate by the old school peeps. I don't know if they are just insecure or jeslous or what :o because we are so bold to try new colors(?) idk :o

    I have a question Lauren, what is your natural hair color? Mine is black so I do blonde my hair first. Have you tried dyeing shade of silver? Right now I want to try silver, do you have any advice?

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