Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Romance

I left my heart in San Francisco. <3

There really is something magical about San Fran. I have always been drawn to big cities even though I grew up in a super tiny town. The energy and chaos drew me like a moth to a flame. It is amazing how we always seem to crave the opposite. I have been to San Fran so many times, yet there is still so much to discover every time I venture back. For so long now, I have only ever wanted to be right in the center. The heart of where ever I am. It is cliche the things that seem to change as I get older. I much prefer being able to drive in and experience the romance for a day. I love being able to be right outside of the chaos. I don't think I will be one to be completely detached, but a little off center seems perfect for me. So, for now, I will leave my heart in San Francisco to reignite our flame every time I come crawling back.

Top, Skirt, Jacket & Shoes by White Fox Boutique
Necklace Regal Rose

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  1. you are like a beautiful cartoon princess!your hair is amazing and ukrainian girls love your style!