Thursday, July 9, 2015

Retro Realness

 I pull out my inner pin up princess. ;)

I feel like when you have colored hair, people assume you fit into retro vibes. Maybe it is the boldness to be different or simply the attention that they both grab, I don't think I have figured it out yet. In all honesty, I never thought I had the body to wear these types of bathing suits. I feel like they need curves! I love my body, but my curves are limited. ;) I think in the end I realized that sometimes it just doesn't matter and you need to do it because…well…just because you can. Sure most of us aren't happy with our bodies, but damn it we just have to say f*ck it and accept what we have. We can't let our own insecurities hold us back. So get out there and rock it!

Bathing Suit by Pretty Attitude

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