Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Wild at Heart

 There is so much beauty in the world, get out and see it.

I have always loved modeling. It was something that just grabbed me and pulled at my soul. I wanted to tell stories in a single frame. I used to look at all the magazines and study how to pose. I would turn each page and see another editorial at some magical location in some jaw dropping gown. I wanted that. Although, I have noticed over the last ten years that everything seems to be shot in studio. While I am not against studio work by any means, I believe that the eye needs to travel. In a way, some of those Vogue editorials would be the only way I would see some of those breathtaking locations. There is too much beauty in the world to be locked in a studio to me. I want my followers and I to get lost in the images as I once did. So forgive me if you never catch me in the studio, I am off traveling the world. :)

Dress by Fashion Frenzzie

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