Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Lost Princess

Write your own fairytales.  

You guys already know I have an obsession with gowns. I always think of our work as stories of lost princesses. I was asked the other day, "Why do you only work with Scott?" While I did modeling for quite a few years, it really isn't my passion anymore. In all honesty, I hated the business. Not actual modeling, but the business that came with it. Thousands upon thousands of girl fighting for the same jobs and only one will come out winning. Those odds just got old to me so I decided to take things into my owns hands, hence this blog. I wanted to decide when I shoot and what I shoot. The only person I am in competition with is myself. I have to always push myself to do better and better. Plus, I get to work with the man I love everyday. I say that is a hell of a lot better than running around to castings of jobs I wasn't going to get, especially for being as short as I am. Life is all about chances and I took a leap.

Dress by Ever Pretty

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  1. you are beautiful. when will post a photo from the wedding?