Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Art is Subjective

 Dare to be different.

I honestly feel as if people don't value photographs these days as they used to. I mean every one is a photographer. Do you have an instagram? Boom. Photographer. I find my images everywhere and generally with no credit or permission. People don't understand how hard we work to create these. They don't understand the four hours we drove just to get there, hiking down to the beach, climbing on rocks, freezing and so on. These are our babies, our memories, our art. The saddest part was this wasn't even the spot we wanted to shoot. The 200 photographers that were there taking a photo of the exact same spot prevented us from doing so. Is this spot not as beautiful? Are there not other areas to photograph? Well, not to them. They all wanted the exact same shot that they probably found off a geotag on an instagram profile. There is so much more to locations than just a single shot, and especially one that everyone has. Is it beautiful? Yes. Are there other spots that are beautiful? Yes. Make sure to produce things that show your eye and not only what you have seen. In some way, I am glad we didn't get to shoot that spot. It reminded me that sometimes it is better to find the new spots that others may want to replicate. ;)

Dress by Lookbookstore
Necklace by OPV hair

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  1. This has a mermaid or goddess feel to it.

    Love from the Philippines,