Tuesday, February 9, 2016


For those of you that have followed me on Periscope, know that there is always so much more to the photos we take. You know of the real stories behind them. Sometimes, we go out and it is simple. We get the shot we need and everyone goes home. Other times, we get rained on or lost or trapped in a wind storm or car gets stuck in the mud. The things it takes sometimes to get a pretty picture. I can tell you right now, these pics were not easy to create. However, it is worth every moment. Every thorn I stepped on or toe that I froze in this water, because we love it. Finding what you love to do truly changes the idea of work. I can't tell you any other reason I would jump into a barely above freezing river. I don't want to live to work, I want to work to live. 

Dress by Sammy Dress

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