Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Keepin' It Casual

 Never be basic, just wear basics. ;)

Sometimes you just got to keep it casual. Ok, well really that is me everyday. Although, I find it strangely difficult to find the perfect basics. Side note though, I am loving having pink hair now. I always thought it was one of those colors that was a little too girly if you know what I mean. Now after having it for a bit, instead of feeling overly girly it just makes me feel cute. The extra pop of cuteness every girl can rock. The best part about doing pink, is that it washes out to a warm blonde. Pink and purple are the safest colors you can do on your hair. The funniest part about having candy colored hair is discovering the colors you never thought you could wear that end up being some of your best. Here is to continual self discovery, may it never end. <3

Dress by Gia Monae
Shoes by Lola Shoetique
Bag by Lookbookstore


  1. Lauren you look so cute with that pastel pink hair! You have such an etherial face that you should try pulling off some Audrey Kitching type shoots :) I remember having pink hair was so great because it pulled the pink out in my lips so that no-makeup looks looked actually very put together.

    I also have a blog at www.Palmtrease.com, related to modeling, traveling and art that I would appreciate if you checked out :)
    Support women and the creative community! Much love sister

  2. It doesn't look so casual because of the pink hair, which I love.

    Love from the Philippines,