Monday, April 4, 2016

Be The Change You Wish To See

Always be true to you.

I think sometimes people forget that there is a real person behind this blog. Their only interaction with me is behind a screen. It has made us become so detached from the words we say. If you think people are invincible to it, you are surely wrong. If you think that having a million followers can somehow give you a power to look past it, I can assure you it does not. In fact, it probably only makes it worse. Large numbers of people only seem to feed off of each other. I was so glad to see Tarte Cosmetics attempt to take a stand against online bullying. Did it make a difference? Or have people already forgotten? Chances are people cared for a moment and now it is a distant memory. Is it possible to captivate an audience these days long enough to truly make a difference? A difference that will last? I am not sure what the answer is, but I do know that it will continue to be a problem until more people choose to take a stand. I see it. I see on my page all the time, but I also see it in young girls. Girls that don't feel beautiful because of what others have said to them. Kids that don't show who they truly are because of being bullied into submission for fear of what others will say. I am not saying I have all the answers, but I do see the problem and hope that one day we can make a change.

Dress by Sammy Dress
Shoes by Tuk Footwear
Lipstick by Feral Cosmetics in Fetish


  1. Nice post and amazing thought to make a positive change. Your makeup looks fabulous! Can you please share your method and tools used for applying this makeup. My cousin sister told me that an amazing makeup look can be achieved with the simple makeup tools she got to know about while exploring on the Internet. Your makeup look flawless and natural. We (me and my cousin) both are newbie for applying makeup. Looking for help.

  2. I admire how real you are. Thank you for being different.

    Love from the Philippines,