Friday, April 22, 2016

Living For The Moment

 Constantly by the ocean, pretending I am a mermaid.

For so long now, I have feared my 30s. When you are young, you can't seem to imagine a life beyond your 20s. It is just "so old" to you. Here I am sitting here at 28 realizing damn I am almost there. Funny thing is, the closer I get the more excited I become. I mean what is it I fear so much? Wrinkles? Where I would be in my life? Where I wouldn't be? It seems as women are not allowed to age. We must be eternally young. Ya, like that is going to happen. In all honesty, I think I have finally figured out what my 30s are going to be for me…not giving a shit. You stop caring about all the insignificant things you used to put so much time and energy into. It is a stage of reinvention and self acceptance, more of a "it is what it is" type mentality. I love my myself, my body, who I have become, where I am at, etc, etc. The standards for women are insane and it sure feels like my 30s are going to be the glasses that see through the bullshit. We don't become old and ugly after our 20s. Hell I am just grateful to get here from all the stupid stuff that I did as a kid. I can't wait to see what the future holds. I can't wait to see how much more I grow and change with a full fledge IDGAF attitude. 

Playsuit by White Fox Boutique
Necklace by OPV hair
Shoes by Lolashoetique
Wig by Uniwigs (DC: XOLC)


  1. 30's > 20's. You understand life so much better in your 30's.

  2. 30's > 20's. You understand life so much better in your 30's.

  3. Truly a mermaid.

    Love from the Philippines,