Monday, May 23, 2016

A Bikini A Day Means Life Must Be Great

 Counting down the minutes to vacation time! 

I can't believe in one month I will be heading back out on another cruise. I love bouncing from place to place and cruising across the ocean. I am ready to do nothing but lounge in bikinis sipping some super sweet cocktail that should have an umbrella. It is amazing how chaotic life can get and you forget to take time out for yourself. That is my favorite thing about a cruise. It forces you to turn off. It forces you to listen to the ocean and be bombarded by constant entertainment of stress free things. I have to add that I am celebrating a bit for this cruise as well. I have been completely in remission from my lupus for quite a few weeks now. Keep your fingers crossed, but I may be on the road to being a healthy, normal person. Reminds me that when you are down, you can never give up hope because life always has a way of surprising you. 

Outfit from Lulu's

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  1. I love the candy-colored you but this simple blonde and brown knitted bikini looks so good. :)

    Love from the Philippines,