Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall Into Place

 Time to pull out some warmer options, it seems fall has arrived.

I can't believe it is finally November! That means I have a birthday coming up. Although, I am not too excited to be going into my final year in my twenties. I mean how did I even get here? I swear I was just 22 the other day. Anywho...back to it being November. ;) I have been anxiously awaiting the true arrival of fall. It seems to be taking its sweet time. I have been busting out sweaters lately and constantly seem to be too warm. So, November, I am counting on you to bring in the chill. I have boots and jackets galore that are itching to escape my closet. It is funny because as a kid I couldn't wait for summer, and it was always my favorite season. The older I get though, I crave that chill in the air and to huddle by a fire. Maybe I am just getting old or my values are shifting. A summer body isn't my main focus anymore. By the way, I have so many new things coming up I can't wait to share with you guys!! :)

Dress byRosegal
Jacket by Rosegal
Shoes by Lolashoetique


  1. Which brand of haircolor is this? It looks love on you!!!!

  2. Nice jacket! Another option which I would like to suggest are the woolen jackets! They can be even worn as a dress by wearing them along with matching slacks! My sister recently brought a woolen jacket which she came across on this page and even though it's her uniform I still sneak it out sometimes when going out as they make a great outfit when worn properly!

  3. You look therefore superb with this hair color and therefore the outfit. Honestly pricey it's ne'er simple to follow the various trend than the others. however clearly doing one thing completely different is difficult however conjointly exciting.

  4. But I've always wished you went for orange hair, too. Won't it be cute?

    Love from the Philippines,