Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Love Affair

Pizza could be the best thing ever. ;)

I feel like I have really come into my own as of late. It is funny when I think back to high school and how I was just this weird girl trying to find myself. You would have never got me in a sweatshirt covered in pizza stating my love for pizza eating pizza with blue hair. I had my hair dyed black and wore clothes like the other kids to fit in. I was generally pretty shy and totally unsure of myself. Now, I know who I am and could give a shit about fitting in. I could care less if you would ever be caught wearing a sweatshirt covered in pizza stating your love for pizza while eating pizza because I love it. I know that now. I know that I want to change my hair constantly and somehow try to become the horse of a different color from Wizard of Oz. I know that I want to dress loud sometimes whether it be gothic or being bright a colored rainbow. I took the time to step away and really get to know myself. I was tired of being like everyone else without first asking if it was what I actually wanted. So, take the time, and ask yourself what it is you want and who you are.

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  1. Amazing!Your post was quite encouraging for those who are changing their selves just to fit in, you are motivating them to be their selves,That is the best thing about your post!